Monday, August 18, 2008

Good friend of mine lost his wife..

Recently a good friend of mine I work with lost his wife after a lengthly sickness, that people are still puzzling over. Her blood pressure had fallen way off to where her finger tips began to turn black from lack of circulation. She had kidney failure too and was put on dialysis. It sounds pretty much typical in a lot of respects, but she was only 29 years old. My friend Luis is only 30. It makes you wonder why? But then again it is not our place to ask why, just pray for understanding. There always is something good that comes from something bad. We may not see it right away, but we will.
My friend asked me if I would do a portrait of her. I said of course I will. I just finished it after one of my fellow NAPP members was kind enough to make some wooden frames for it. I think the end result turned out very nice. I think my friend will be happy to have it hanging in his home. Thanks for looking..

Sunday, August 17, 2008

My friend, I have known all of my life.. I finally got a chance to capture him in a photo and was able to paint him. Actually I did a watercolor brush stroke. I think it turned out pretty good..