Thursday, May 28, 2009

Back in 72' till today, a brief bio..

I had a 2 government jobs that anyone would give to have. The first job I worked for the Dept. of Commerce on a US geodetic survey crew. We had 4 wheel drive trucks, we had to cut down trees in the Oregon country side to get to markers the government had set back around WW2. The trees had grown up around the markers. Once we got the trees cleared out of the way we moved our equipment in and we built towers that would stand above the tree line. We built the towers right on top of the markers. We would drop a plumb bob to set dead center over the marker. Then at a precise time would go back to the marker after dusk, climb the tower, and point a light toward a certain direction. Leave the light on till we got an all clear. We pointed the light toward a certain direction where the transit was set up. The transit would take the readings from that point to where we had the light shinning. The government could then determine how much the land mass has moved from the time after WW2. We would tear down the towers, and move on to the next location. The process would then repeat itself. I worked with guys from Ark., Missouri, Tex., and I being from Okla. We had a pretty good crew. Each one of us had to be at least 6'0" tall in order to build the towers.

Then later that year I moved back to Okla. and found my 2nd job with the government. I worked for the Dept. of the Interior at Chilocco Indian school, North of Newkirk, Okla. I worked on the farm, we had 4 wheel drive trucks there as well, plus tool boxes. We all had our own horses, saddles. We maintained over 500 white face cows, and 15 Hereford bulls. We pretty much did things the old fashioned way. We rounded up the cattle on horse back. Seperated the calves when they were big enough. Roped and branded them. When the vet came out we worked with him as well. Tagging all the calves with ear markers. Wormed, all the cattle.

We had over 2000 acres of farm land we worked. Cut wheat, bailed hay, plowed, and sewed wheat. It was a great job I would have loved to have kept.

This job like so many other jobs with the government was in the process of being cut. We were told that we needed to find different work. I then went to Continental Oil Co. in Ponca City in Dec. of 73'. They later called me in for testing. I passed the test and on Jan., 21, 1974 I began my career with Conoco.

Tomorrow some 35 years, 5 months later. I will have my retirement dinner. The company will present me with my career history, a picture of the refinery, and a retirement book all of my peers signed wishing me good luck. A lot of them will join me and my family at my luncheon.

My good friend Bob Ailey, along with his lovely wife Lenis, and their daughter Shannon will join me. Shannon and Bob will perform for me. Singing with their guitars. Shannon will also bring some of her CD's to sell to everyone. Shannon is a very talented young lady. Her and her husband will be performing at Noel, Missouri, at a camp they are running.

My wife, my younger brother Jim along with his wife, will be there. I guess this will be my last horah with ConocoPhillips. Just looking back at my working career, I had some pretty good jobs, and I am very thankful for that. I know there were lots of relatives that prayed for my success. Now I will offer thanks, for all I was blessed with, and ask for continued success with my retirement.

Thanks for reading.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Watermarked all paintings online..

You know I don't bother much with posting on twitter about my website, or my blog posts. I figure if someone wants to know who I am, and what I do they can just check out my website which is attached to my bio in twitter.

I see people from all over the world coming in and checking out my works. It would be nice to get an occasional comment once in awhile. It makes you wonder if anyone ever reads what you post, or do they just want to come in and look at my pictures (works)?

I removed all the paintings I had and changed them all with a watermark. If this makes everyone upset, then so be it. I spend too much time painting everything, the emotions that come with this are from sometimes an answer to a prayer. I can't give that away. I refuse to allow anyone to come into my blog or website, and just hit the print screen button. In a matter of a couple of seconds my hard work is copied.

All of my work will be copyrighted, and added to the National copyright office of the United States. If you have any questions of copyright then you best look into it. If I should find any of my work hanging in someones house without a certificate of authenticity then you will be sued. This isn't a threat, it is merely a promise which I have full rights to persure.

Now if you frequent my blog and website to see what's new, then you won't be offended by the watermarks. You are always welcome, and please submit a comment once in awhile.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I was surprised today..

Today my wife asked if I would drive her to do a few errands, and I thought ok, I can do this because I had an alliterative motive I wanted to do. I wanted to go by the Standing Bear museum to meet the director of the museum to see about a possible art gallery. After we got our errands taken care of I proceeded to the museum.

When I got in the museum, I was greeted by an attendant that worked with tours in the museum. She proceeded to show me the main show room, which is a large round room. The areas six tribes have displays depicting what they want indivdually. The Osage, Tonkawa, Pawnee, Otoe-Missouria, Kaw, and Ponca. The tribes can show their own variations of how they want to be portrayed. I was looking at all of the displays, then came back around to the Ponca tribe, and saw a sign that said under construction.

I asked the attendant why there was a under construction sign up there. She said they were in the middle of a transition with the Ponca tribe. The person that was on display had just removed his things from the display case. They were waiting for the next show case. I asked who that might be, and the attendant said it is suppose to be Sid Armstrong! My jaw hit the floor! I said well that is me! I pulled out one of my cards and handed it to her. I think she was as surprised as I was. She then took me to meet the director of the museum TL Walker. TL is a very nice lady, we exchanged cards, and after the shock subsided some, I told her I would begin to move in next week after Memorial day holiday. Talk about a say the least.

Only thing I need to figure out is what I will display.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Oldest living Otoe Missouria passes on at 103

STILLWATER — Cecelia Moore, 103, of Stillwater, went home on Sunday, May 17, 2009, in Stillwater.

The funeral will be held at noon Wednesday, May 20, at the Otoe-Missouria Cultural Complex with the Rev. Warren Duane Pratt Jr. officiating. Interment will be in the Otoe-Missouria Tribal Cemetery, Red Rock. Strode Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.

She was born Jan. 26, 1906, in Black Bear to Charles Moore and Laura Saunders Moore.

She was the oldest member of the Otoe Tribe and a member of the Bear Clan. Epageme "Fire Woman" was her Otoe name. She was one of the last fluent speakers of the Otoe language. She was very proud of her heritage and wanted to make sure her culture was passed to the next generation. She accomplished this by teaching younger generations the Otoe language and culture. She raised many children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews.

She was preceded in death by her parents; two brothers, Edgar Moore and Walter Moore; one sister, Hildegard Moore Harris; and one infant sister.

Condolences may be emailed to the family and an online obituary may be viewed by visiting

She will be missed by everyone. We lost a precious jewel today, she lived a blessed life for many to try to live up too.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hanging my work boots and gloves up for good!

Well, when I got to work Monday morning, I had no idea how the day was going to go. I had been hearing about the low interest rates on the 30 yr T-bill and the PBGC. Both are down, and at all time lows. My money man called me on Friday and notified me of the info. So when I got to work I just had to investigate it. I in turn called the people in charge of retirements, and before it was all said and done, I had locked in on the current rate, and prepared for my retirement.

I called the clerk and set up vacation for the rest of the month of May, and will be officially retired on June 1st. Don't get no better than that! I actually feel pretty good about it. Past 2 days here at home have been nothing but jubilation. I am still coping and adjusting to the idea of not ever getting up to go to work again.
Now if I want to get up early it will be because I want too, not for someone else! To work toward that kind of freedom is what it's all about!

Now when I think about what I am going to do, I can honestly think about what I am going to paint! That is freedom!

Just sharing my latest and greatest..

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Another Gallery upcoming soon!

Ok, I went to the opening for Linda Rous, her name is pronounced like Rose. Come to find out she is renowned through out the country, and has been painting for over 40 years now. I had a chance to visit with her, and the formal invite for my gallery will be coming in the mail. She did mention it will be a one day show. On a Saturday, during the annual alumni gathering in Fairview, Okla. She said there will be a lot of people there at that time, which sounded promising. I must say I was impressed with her no face doll creations. Very lovely work. Each one is individual, no two alike. Some even had beads hanging on them. Definitely something to see if you ever get a chance. Here are a couple of sites she has. Website #1 and Website #2

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Changes with the season happening now..

Getting up early everyday is a way of life my folks taught us. It is just something we all aspire to do. To get up and go to work. To provide for your family. To have a good feeling in your heart that you know you did a good days work. To sweat, and toil, for something that eventually will get you to a place where you can one day say, I have had enough! To work and save, to save and work. To do without so you can have something later.

We see it everyday where someone we may work with who hasn't had the chance to retire and enjoy the benefits of his/her retirement or pension. They pass without ever getting to enjoy it. This is one of the fears I have lived with for the past several years now. This coming Monday I will reach the age of 58. Still a youngster, but old enough to know I have officially had enough of the same ole same ole. 35 yrs 4 mos. of it is enough.

I got a call Friday from my money man who said if I am going to do it, then we need to be getting things done now. He said the interest rates are going up July 1st, which will lower my lump sum amount for retirement. I told him lets get together and talk about it then.

So I honestly don't know yet how things will be, or which direction I will go, but I do know one thing for sure, I am alive today, and hope to be come July 1st. I pray and hope that I will be able to enjoy sometime during retirement. After all I do have a new grand daughter we haven't seen yet and we are am dying to see.

She was born on Jan. 8th, of 09'. She is the oldest of my oldest, and I am the oldest of my generation as well. She is special to all of us. One thing for sure, she will be spoiled rotten once grandpa gets her.. lol

My Mother is recovering well today from her major back surgery, and sounds like she is getting back to her old self again. She got to walk to the corner and back which is about 1/2 a block. So her strength is coming back slowly. Her doctor told her she was looking good and everything was healing fine. I think she sleeps better these days.

Since I just had my first art gallery, I took a picture of the sign that the center has out front. I hope that sometime in the near future you can attend one of my shows. I plan to make more art shows, on a larger scale. I will see how things go for me in the future.

The Ponca tribe has asked me if I would be interested in preparing a booth in the Clyde Warrior memorial museum at White Eagle. I accepted and will wait for their call to let me know when I can begin. Should be interesting since they asked me if I would hang traditional regalia besides my art work. I will see about some bead work, and some feather work. The booth will run for about 6 months.

My other projects involve finishing a portrait of my late Aunt Jo Phoneix, Dad's younger sister who passed recently in Lakeside Calif. The Barona tribe built a new library and named it after her. The family asked me to do this portrait of her, so they can hang it in the library. I am probably about 1/2 way through it, and need one more photo of my Aunts broadcloth dress to finish it. My cousin said she will get me a jpg. of it.

I want to wish all the Mothers a happy Mothers day for the 10th. I will call my Mom in the AM. My wife will call her Mom in Germany as well. Our son is going to drive over from Bartlesville and prepare his Mom some German brauts, with potato salad. Sounds like a nice meal, and look forward to it.

One of our families life long friends passed this past week Hank Katzuta of Apache, Okla. He was 81. He and my Dad were Indian brothers, who played fast pitch softball together in their hayday. Uncle Hank was catcher, and a good one. They were good enough to go to the National fast pitch softball tournament 3 different times, and represent the State of Oklahoma. They were good! The pitchers they had were something to see.
I recall games they played where they would win with the score 1-0. Nothing but awesome pitching. Uncle Hank will be missed. He is with all his brothers now, and is in a much better place. We don't have to worry anymore about him. God speed.

Lots of changes going on right now, and hopefully everything will turn out fine when it is all said and done. I will attend another opening tomorrow with a Native American artist from Fairview, Okla. Linda Rous, who is a wonderful artist. I had the chance to meet her the other day and she hinted to me about doing a gallery out at Fairview. I will visit some more with her tomorrow about it.

Everyone have a safe week. I will post more as things happen. Thanks for reading.