Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Update.. it's been awhile..

Things have been busy here at the home office as usual. Seems my retirement is something only I can control. I guess if I want to do nothing, then I can, but my emotions and love of art won't allow it. I guess that is a good thing. I have been busy painting again, and want to finish at least 3 more by the weekend. If things go according to plan it will happen, but we all know how things can go sometimes.

I called one of my Otoe/Ponca brothers, and learned he was in the hospital, battling kidney problems. Hopefully he won't be in there much longer. We all need him home with us. We more than likely will be planning a early morning sweat lodge on his behalf. Prayers in that holiest of circles is very strong.

I am still working on the display at the Standing Bear museum. I am now wanting to add some ribbon work, and shawls, to display my peoples craftsmanship. We are known for our bead, ribbon, and feather work. It seems that things just don't happen as fast as we would like, but eventually it will all happen.

Thinking back over the last couple of weeks, I want to thank my friend Firgs for giving me a shot out on her blog.
I was very honored by this. I checked my website dashboard after her shout out hit an all time high on people viewing my website.

I also want to thank my Arapho friend Neyom Friday for her blog radio talk show interview she did of me and my background. I was very honored by these good people, for recognizing Native American art, and wanting to tell the world about it.

I got a message from a lady that runs a Native American art gallery in Norman, Okla.
Tribes 131. She will be contacting me about bringing some prints down to her store.
I am excited about the prospect of finally getting out there in the State of Okla.

As I near completing each painting, I am more and more thankful that I will someday be remembered for something I loved doing. Art is my passion.

I hope to make a presentation to the Ponca tribe as well the Otoe/Missouria with paintings depicting their ancestors, and traditions.

I am nearing completion of my Aunt Jo's painting as well. Not sure how that presentation will work yet since my Aunt lived in So. Calif. among the Mission Indians at Barona Rez. My relatives want to hang this portrait of her up in the library that was named in her honor.

My oldest son called me on Fathers day, wishing me happy fathers day. This time I was able to wish him happy fathers day as well. My first grand child Paelin Grace Armstrong was born on Jan. 8th this year. My wife and I are planning on going to see her in Idaho, sometime next month.

I will be posting more as my paintings are completed and my friend Dave begins printing, and stretching canvas.

Thanks for reading