Friday, January 30, 2009

Gallery date is set! April 5th, 2009

Things are finally coming together in regards to the gallery. The chairman called me yesterday, and informed me of the dates and time of everything. I will move my paintings in the gallery on Sat. April 4th. The art center will set everything up for me. Then Sunday the 5th the reception will be held from 1pm to 5pm.

Something I haven't said before today is there will be another artist there at the same time. The center is bringing in a fabric artist, who will be on display at the same time.

Everything is good thus far, if I can only finish about 4 or 5 more works of art. I will see how it transpires.

Mark you calenders, and please come join me for my first Art gallery!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

35 years working for one Co.

Yesterday I hit 35 years working for the same company. When I hired in with them, I had no thoughts of working that long for one company. I thought I would retire before now. Not to be however. The economy kinda dictates to us how things will be. I can only continue to work a couple more years, and hopefully the economy will recover some to make it more attractive to want to retire. I do hope the Health care system gets a face lift too. Make things more affordable for everyone.

Well even without a whimper I hit this mark in my life, and just hope lord willing I will make it a couple more years health wise, and can retire.

I never understood why people who do retire, wind up going back to work. I guess their bucket they have their money in, must have a hole in it. I do know as long as I am healthy, and can continue to work, I will. By the time I finally do retire, I want it to be a retirement. At that time I will paint full time, or when I feel like it, and not because I have too. As how it should be!

Tomorrow {Friday} my company is taking my family, along with some fellow workers out for a large banquet on my behalf. I am thankful, that my Mother is home at this time to join us. Times like this I sure miss my Father.. just some thoughts and emotions..
Thanks for reading..

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Added 3 more paintings to my web site

Busy Saturday, was busy with Twitter today increasing my followers. I also added 3 more prints to my web site. Go see at here.

I have a good idea of how I want to compliment the Chicken dancer now. I will be adding a woman dancer that will face him. I have another good idea for a third painting to go with them as well. You will have to wait for it though.

I will keep you posted to how things come along. Still working toward the gallery in April.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cusp of falling off into dream land I saw this

I had heard that when your right on the cusp of falling into rem-sleep your mine is as clear as it can be. When you have a vision at this time it has potential to be something either great or maybe not so great. lol All I know is I knew what I wanted to paint when I saw this. I know when you see traditional Native American Art it will have a certain type of dancer, but in this case my dancer is by no means of that certain type, he has his own style.

Another thing that I liked when doing this is how receptive my wife was about the outcome of it. She really loves this painting. I will prepare it for the gallery, and have it listed in my website for sale as well. Hope you like it as well. Please leave a comment. Thanks, Sid

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Opened up a squidoo site.

I am wanting a site that can help generate more traffic in my web site, so my wife recommended I try squidoo. I don't think it will hurt. Anything to help get the word out there. Click Here!

Today we went to the Art gallery reception for 3 artists that are featured this month.
Gene Dougherty, a watercolor artist, Ron Kuykendall, a ceramic/sculpture artist, and Marcia Zuvanich a oil canvas artist. My old instructor from my college days Gene Dougherty still has the touch. His work is wonderful to look at. I think we will get a print from him before the gallery finishes. We have a few weeks to figure out which print we want.
Interesting to meet fellow artists. Marcia is a local artist, Kuykendall is from Wichita Falls, Tx. They all said they will come back to my gallery in April.

When my friend Dave gets back home from San Diego tomorrow, I will talk to him about making up some different print sizes for my web site. Some need to offer smaller sizes, and one needs to offer a larger size.

Monday, January 5, 2009

2 more paintings..

In Sept. I was able to capture some of my nephews and relatives with some pretty good shots. I was able to use those photos to paint from. I think the end result turned out pretty good. I will be posting them in my website in a day or two.