Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Otoe encampment was good!

The 3rd week in July is typically very hot! Traditionally you get to a point to where you kinda hate to go because you know it's going to be like an oven during the gourd dance. The gourd dancing usually begins around 2pm in the afternoon, just about extreme heat time.
On Sunday before the start of the encampment, our family will traditionally put our camp up first! Since we are Buffalo clan. This year the encampment committee asked my Aunt to bless the powwow grounds. She is our Buffalo clan elder. I was there to witness it. At the same time we had a death in our tribe, and I was busy helping my youngest brother take care of the funeral. It was very hot those days.
My Aunt prayed to the creator at all 4 directions. Blessing the grounds with cedar smoke.
Tuesday we had the funeral for our Otoe relative that passed. By the time Thursday came around there was a cool front that came through. We was treated with some cooling rain, and North breeze. Made things much better. Friday was very nice. We enjoyed a wonderful gourd dance Friday evening. Saturday was just as good. Sunday it warmed up a little bit, but was still in the mid 80's.
On Thursday I donated print #1 of 100 of the "1st Otoe Meeting" to the encampment committee. They had tickets printed with a smaller version of the painting on the ticket. Sold chances at a dollar each. No need to be present to win. The committee, thanked me for this. It helped them raise over $400.00. The winning ticket belonged to a lady that lives in Enid, Okla. I am very happy someone won that appreciates my work.
Saturday night, my baby sister dressed in her buckskin dress, and competed in the ladies buckskin. She won 2nd place, and that made everyone happy. She is a good dancer. I was very thankful for the way the whole week went. The funeral went as well as we hoped. The feast was as good a meal as I ever had. The weather at the encampment came from the creator in answer to so many prayers. Everyday was very tolerable.
Best part of everything both brothers, sister, and my Mother all got to come home, with all the nephews, and neices. We sat down Saturday evening, and all shared a meal together. I am very thankful for that. No body can tell me there is no God. God blessed us with a wonderful week. Everyone made it home after everything was over with. It made for some life long lasting memories, and that is priceless!
Just wish I could have taken some pictures.