Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spirits watch over us!

I have a friend that I met through Photoshop, who takes wonderful photos of hoot owls, eagles, yellowhammers. Significant birds of our people. Sacred birds, and I feel very fortunate to have made Connie and her husband's acquaintance. I now have an unlimited source of photos I can use to paint with.

These past few days have been very trying here, with tornado warnings. The local TV stations here are very good with keeping you abreast to all the warnings. They have storm chasers out looking for funnels that drop out of the clouds, relaying the info back to the station, and airing it for everyone to see. They do a great job in keeping everyone informed.

Connie had submitted a picture of a hoot owls face, I took that picture and I did a hurry up job of it, with a tornado that happened in Enid, Okla. I have no shortness of inspiration living here. Living here, keeps you very mindful of the creator's power, and his grace. We pray a lot for our home, and for those that maybe in the line of fire with a tornado.

This is the end result of what I did. Enjoy..

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Art Gallery is a success!

It's funny cause your thinking, that so and so said they will come to the show, but for some reason they don't make it. On the flip side of that coin, you see people you had no idea would come. Then people purchase prints, who you never even met before. The place was packed! More people than I expected. A lot of the people were my relatives, but mostly friends.

The reception offered a nice atmosphere with refreshments.

When it was all said and done, I was approached by the board about putting on a class for digital art. I didn't see that one coming! I will have to see how that all goes, after the gallery finishes next month!

It was a success! My wife and I both feel completely exhausted now.. Time for a break!

Check my website out.. I just added my latest renderings!

When everything was perfect, the ancestors gathered for a Native American Church meeting. One time the Buffalo would run it, next time it would be the bear, or the eagle, the clan leaders would take turns leading the service. The bear, and buffalo would go by the season. Spring and summer the buffalo is in charge. In the fall and winter, the bear would lead since it was their time to be in charge. The other clans would get permission to run things. There is an order to how things are conducted among the Otoe Missouria. At one time there were either 11 or 12 clans of the Otoe, but only 7 today.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Regardless of what happens tomorrow

I will be thankful regardless of how tomorrow goes. I can still say Mom, and she is here with me for my first gallery. Both my younger brothers will be there with their children. However my baby sister won't be able to make it, since she had to work this weekend. I know her heart will be with all of us. I know how her heart is. 2 of my 3 sons will be here. My oldest son lives in Idaho, he won't be here. He is busy taking care of my grand daughter. My daughter in Germany won't be here either. Hopefully she will be getting her final results for her thesis she recently submitted.

I still have a few elders living, and hopefully one or two will be able to attend. I have a Uncle that is in a wheelchair, he wants to come see my work. I really feel honored that my Uncle wants to come. I will check on a ramp for him to roll up and down on.

If anyone else comes it will only add frosting to the cake, and for that I will be thankful.

I will be starting a painting of my Aunt. She passed a few years ago, and since that time the Barona reservation in Southern Calif. has named a library after her. The family asked me if I would do a portrait of her. I said I will do my best.
I got a few photos today from my Mom, my cousins sent with her when she was out in Calif. recently.

So for tomorrow however it goes, I will be thankful for everything I have today.