Saturday, October 24, 2009

Over due for a posting

There is so much to write about, not sure where to begin. I know I need to post more often and not let things get so far behind. All I can say is things have been good of late. Busy beyond what I care to be, but it keeps things moving along.

Labor day weekend, we went to the Cherokee Holiday celebration and Art contest in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. I hadn't been in Tahlequah in years. I had forgotten how pretty the country is there. We had a very enjoyable time there. We went down on Friday for the contest, we arrived a few minutes late. I guess you could say we were running on Indian time. We grabbed a flier from the attendant and went into the auditorium. We found a place to stand in the back, and no sooner got there, and they announced the honorable mention for the graphics division. "When the shadows are long". It was my elk painting! I was at a loss since I didn't know the format of how things were being conducted. I asked one of the security guards where we were standing, and he said to go on up on stage. I received my ribbon, and prize. I signed the book where the art work was listed. A rather nice surprise!

We went back to Tahlequah again on Sunday afternoon, since they were going to be closed on Monday for a holiday. I was noticing where my art work was hanging, and the "Dream Image" painting was gone! The attendant said the painting had sold! To my surprise again. This made the whole weekend trip and contest all worth while. The money I made on the painting, I decided to pay it forward for someone less fortunate. I will see about gathering some things to send for children at Christmas.

Later in Sept. the wife and I had a very pleasant trip to Germany to visit her family. Daughter from Bremen, (Northern Germany) came down to Bavaria where my Mother in law resides. Janine (daughter)brought her boy friend with her so he could meet everyone. Aunnun is his name, not so sure about the spelling but it sounds the way I spelled it.
He is a successful independent insurance agent, and does pretty good for his self. Janine, just finished her masters in sociology, and landed herself a good position with a Federal agency there in Bremen. So she is all set now. The thing is we don't look for her this coming Christmas, since she is still on probation with her new position.

Janine joins her brothers now with a good job. This makes us happy. We don't have to worry so much now with everyone working.

We spent 2 weeks in Germany and got to meet some of her relatives I hadn't met yet. Went to Nuerenburg, Bayreuth, Weiden, and Parkstein. Parkstein, was interesting, since this small village was built on top of an ancient volcano. We were able to take some good pictures from the hike we did going to the top of the mountain. There was a nice little cafe where we enjoyed some cake and coffee.

As always the best part about going to Germany was the Essen (Food).. Love the breads, coffees, and Greek food there. Everywhere we went relatives had set the table, and offered us cake and coffee. The coffee to me is the best in the world. We always look forward to the coffee and cake there.

To put things in a nut shell. I am presently back to work again on 2 more paintings. One will be for a good friend of mine I had the privilege of meeting in Tahlequah during the reception for the art contest, Richard Stepp. Richard is nominated this year for a grammy for his latest CD "Legends and Dreams". We finally got to meet, and had a good visit there. We agreed on a new CD album cover for his next CD. I am nearing completion on that work.

The other painting is of a dream I have had most of my life, which involves the creator of heaven and earth. I won't say any more on this I want to keep it quiet until I decide what I will do with it. My Mother said that this is my best one yet!

I wasn't going to argue with her. I will just see how things come along with it.

Anyhow we have pictures posted on of Germany and more recent pictures of the Standing Bear powwow. I will try to make more postings as things transpire.
Thanks for reading.