Saturday, September 4, 2010

Good time in Tahlequah

The "Abstract Warrior" painting got honorable mention this time at the Cherokee National Holiday Art show. There was around 30 or so entries in the digital, graphics category, so I was happy with my showing, since I didn't know who the judges were.

Got to meet some nice people, some customers that appreciate my art. Saw some pretty amazing art as well. The reception afterwards was good.

Downtown Tahlequah was jumping, softball tournament, powwow, and 3 other art galleries going on all at the same time. Wife and I took some pictures at one of the parks there, went to a coffee shop and had coffee and cake while we waited for the show to begin.

Then today (Saturday), I was lucky enough to win a print by Sharon Irla "Necessity of a Mother" print #1. Her work is pretty amazing.

There is so much to do there, that we are planning on going back when we can do more stuff there.

Friday, August 6, 2010

High time to post something..

It's been a few months again since my last post. Hope everyone is having a good summer thus far. It has been hot here in Okla. but fall is on the way. It is always good to get a cool front every now and then to cool things down some.

Powwows are happening everywhere right now. My baby sister is in Rocky Boy, Mt. right now at their doings. Her and one of our relatives ventured up that way. I hope she does well in the ladies buckskin division. Both are exceptional dancers. My sister won 1st at the Otoe encampment this year, and is now hoping to make a good showing up in Montana.

I finished another painting the other day. I painted a Ponca wearing a blanket in downtown Ponca City. The time frame is back in the late 40's early 50's. I Remember going downtown with my grandmother and seeing people still walking around with blankets on. Something you don't see now days. My plan is to do a series of these paintings, using different parts of downtown Ponca City. I have high hopes for this project.
Everyone have a good summer and fall, I will try to post as I go along. Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Much to write about.

Time flies when your having fun. Things have been going along pretty good thus far for me in 2010. My Taxes are done, and don't need to worry about Uncle Sam breathing down my neck for at least another year.

I entered the "Trail of Tears" art show/sale in Tahlequah, Okla. last weekend. Plans were changed from the scheduled awards ceremony on Saturday April 10th to Friday April 9th at 7pm to accommodate the memorial service held for Wilma Mankiller. To our arrival at the Cherokee museum, we were treated to a buyer of the "Abstract Warrior" painting. Made the trip worth while. Thus far things have gone very well for me in Tahlequah. I will more than likely go back again next year.

Raven with Native Digest did another interview on me and was the featured artist at that time. I was honored by his request. He said the Abstract warrior is his new favorite painting.

The season offically changed and the Buffalo clan now leads in our tribe. I was asked to be the Head gourd dancer for this coming weekends dance at the Otoe Missouria culture center for the Otoe Encampment committee. This is to help raise money for the upcoming encampment which is held the 3rd weekend in July annually.
I am hoping both my brothers will be there with me. My Mothers and baby sister are preparing to come join dance with me. Family and extended family will be in attendance, along with all my friends. I am looking forward to a good day. I prepared a framed and matted print of the abstract warrior for the encampment committee, to help them raise money with a raffle. I just hope they have some grape dumplings..

My wife and I planted our first veggie garden together this year, and made it organic. I even planted some gourds. If one plant comes up I will be happy.

Everyone have a good spring and Happy Native New year. Everything is new and green, enjoy this time the creator has given to us.


Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 is here!

Happy New Year everybody! I sincerely hope you have a very prosperous 2010. The shape of the economy is still trying to recover, and hopefully we will all have affordable health insurance, as well as jobs. It pretty much hits home, when the job market affects your immediate family.

As far as resolutions for 2010, I want to expand on my art, and enter into a few more shows/contests. I do want to continue to persevere for our Native youth, with the Standing Bear Art contest. Starting Monday Jan. 4th, I will get back at it. I have contacted several tribes here locally and need to make contact with one more. Then I can set a date for a 1st meeting.

I still need to do one more painting for the Ponca City Art Centers contest they hold every year in February. Have some good ideas I am throwing around, and want to see where it will lead.

My partner finished with another gallery wrap for an order, and hope to finalize that sale next week as well.

If you get a chance to go to the movies, and have a chance to see Sherlock Holmes, go see it! This is the very 1st movie my wife and I attended together. There just hasn't been anything out there that we have ever wanted to go see, until this one. So it is a must see!