Monday, August 24, 2009

Post about Gods Gift to our family.

My life's partner and I just got home from a brief visit with my new Granddaughter, Paelin Grace. She is now 7 months old, born Jan. 8th of this year. My son and his companion are coming home for a brief visit from Idaho where they make their home, in October. At that time my Mother will finally get to see her new Great Grand daughter.

Last year at the annual Ponca powwow, we camped, and Mom asked one of my Ponca brothers if he would perform a naming ceremony for my siblings Grand children. He accepted and named all the great grand children that didn't have their Native names yet. We had tribal elders come as well as extended family members. After the naming ceremony we had a large feast and fed everyone that attended.

My eldest sons birthday is in Oct. along with my baby sister, and my Mother. We will celebrate their birthdays, and have a small naming ceremony for Paelin. My family is descendants of the half breed clan of the Ponca nation, and my mother is going to think about a name for Paelin.

Wakondah gave us a beautiful grand daughter. Just the few days we were there, she knew who I was, and would reach out for me when she saw me. So many prayers go up for our grand children everyday, even for the ones that are unborn. Our people pray for 7 generations yet to come. So when my children come home we will all gather and have this naming ceremony for Paelin.

It is amazing how God blesses us each day of our lives. We prayed for travel mercies, and to watch over our home while we were away. When we got home everything was good. I sacrificed a little tobacco and said Aho! Thank you, Weeblaho for all you do for us.
Our dog Oscar was very happy to see us get home too. Our neighbor watch our home, and fed and watered him daily while we were away. Another blessing to have such a neighbor.

I will be making more posts now that things are settling down some.

Looking forward to the Cherokee Heritage days Art contest, where I was juried for 3 paintings to enter. All will be for sale as well.

Aho, and Weeblaho..

...also, I got to visit briefly with my friend James Pyles on the phone while we were in Boise. James is a great writer..