Wednesday, October 8, 2008

When the shadows are long

It is like a God given emotion the way a painting unfolds. When I start a painting sometimes things don't come to me all at once, but as it takes on a life of it's own I can see how I want it to finish.

This is a first of a seven painting set I have started, with the 7 clans of the Otoe Missioura.

The Elk Clan is a large clan in our tribe, and has large families. When I think about Elk or the Deer family, I think about when they move. It is only when the shadows are long. Like early morning or late evening just before dark, they will move out into clearings to graze. Usually Deer hunters will be up in their stands before the sun comes out to try and catch a big buck moving. One of their best defenses is a fog, with long shadows, making them very hard to see. This is what I felt when painting this. Hope you like it.