Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ponca City art center makes art gallery announcement

See here!

I have been waiting for this now for some time, and it is finally announced. I think I have everything ready to go. I will gather up my inventory for the art center to use. Otherwise I think I am ready. I will be showing 14 paintings. I am still working on my self portrait, and won't have it done by next week.

I plan to move everything in the art center this week, and hope to have everything in place for the opening next Sunday.

Please come join me and my family for this occasion.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Giving credit where credit is due!

My friend and partner Dave Nelsen who does all my printing for me, has been very busy in some new discoveries with framing. I had asked him to see what he could do with my Donnie painting, and I think he surpassed all of my expectations. He actually superseded them. A frame inside a frame, with what feels like a very soft foam. He said it is a fabric with a foam board behind it. The color of the frame itself is pewter. The color of the fabric is purple, to compliment the red and blue colors I used in this painting. I couldn't be more happy with the end result. I think it will only add to the art show!

I wanted to display the frame and mat work I finished last night as well. I really like how it finished. I hope people will like what I do. Thanks for looking, Sid

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Friday is Native American New Year!

Among the Otoe Missouria the Bear clan is in charge or Chief, during the fall and winter months. Before calenders the ancestors would go by a tree frog that would let them know spring time is here. When the newest grass shoots come up, and the temperature warms, New life is celebrated. This coming Friday we will have our Buffalo clan lodge. It is an opportunity for Buffalo clan members to cleanse themselves from the long winter. It is our time to take over as Chiefs or be in charge through the spring and summer months. Kinda like the changing of the guard. This has been planned for sometime now. We will have our elder of the Buffalo clan lead the sweat lodge for us. We have clan members coming from different places around the country. We even have visiting tribes that join in with the blessing. We will ask blessing for the spring, and summer for all the tribe. Mid July is the Otoe encampment(powwow). We will ask for a good year, that the creator will be merciful upon us. I want to wish everyone a good spring, as we draw closer to the Easter season. Thank you for reading.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Merle Haggard and John Anderson put on a great show!

Wife and I had a chance to get out last night. First time in awhile since we had a chance to get out. We had gone to the Tulsa Blues fest. in the past, but I think they stopped it. Not too many musician/artists we will go see. When we heard that Merle Haggard was coming to town, we quickly looked into a couple of tickets to attend. We honestly had no idea what we was getting into, because that was a sold out crowd at the First Council Casino, North of Newkirk, Ok. at Chilocco. It actually sits right next to the Kansas state line. So about half the crowd was from Kansas.
John Anderson came out first, we didn't know he was on the ticket with Merle. He actually did a good show. All of his hit songs.
Merle Haggard didn't need to do nothing but be hisself, and his show was awesome. All of the old great ones. He still has it!
Maybe they will bring Willie Nelson to town now. I look forward to going back, depending on who is performing. Looks like they will have performers coming in all through the year.
The set up that First Council has is a humongous tent. I understand they hold boxing fights there as well as tough man fights.
First Council has a pretty good buffet for those of you that may be looking at eating then go to a show. Wife and I don't gamble, so the casino won't get any money from us in that respect, but we will go eat. Crab legs was on the menu last night, along with prime rib. Not to bad for a place out in the country.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ponca Powwow history through my eyes..

As old as Ponca Powwow is, I still enjoy going to look on, and listen to the songs. Those old songs never get too old to listen too. I remember going to the powwow as a small boy, and there was so many dancers. Lot's of straight dancers. Looked like all the men would wear black vests with bandannas around their necks. A Ponca trait. I remember looking at the dancers and could tell what tribe they were just by the way they dressed. Something you can't hardly tell today!

The fancy dancers had come some distance from when the first fancy dancers (Gus MacDonald) had started at the Ponca Powwow. I remember one man in particular when attending the powwow. When you saw him dance you could automatically tell who he was, by the tall frame, and the high head dress, (no roach)the black and blue costume of Garland Kent Sr. He was the benchmark of Ponca powwow fancy dance in his day. I know the older tribal memebers from around the surrounding area, of the Tonkawa, Osage, Otoe Missouria, Pawnee, and Kaw tribes, remember GK when he danced. He was always fun to watch during the contest on Sunday night.

I had contacted him, and visited with him about his dancing, and was able to get a few photographs of him from Lucy (his wife).

I wanted to capture that image on a mat, as the way I remember his dancing. After a couple of start, erase, and start overs. I was finally able to finish what I had intended in the first place.

I won't show this painting until the gallery at the Ponca City art center, but just wanted you to know what I have been doing here the past few days. I already sent it on to Dave, my printer for press. I will have prints available for sale, for those of you that may be interested.

Do any of you remember the Indian two step going in a giant round circle, with nothing added to it? Two steps forward one step back, turn pivot and keep going. It was that way I remember when the two step was danced. There always was a clown in the arena too, wearing a weird straight dance costume. Used to scare the heck out of us kids too.. Funny today when you think back to how things used to be in the big arena. A very scared place, the clown was a whip man. Kept order in the arena.

My late Grandmother along with 3 other Ponca women, (all grandmas) were the very first women to go out around the big drum and sing with the men. That was forbidden until they broke the rule. Lots of history in our family with the big drum.

Thanks for reading.. aho!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

ArtNatAm featured artist webpage at last!!

Marten Jensen resides in the Netherlands. He is the web master of ArtNatAm he sent me an email today notifying me of my web page being up and live now! I have been waiting for this for some time now. Total elation! I just sent him several more paintings for him to add to the site for me.

I was preoccupied with the upcoming art gallery here in Ponca City next month, I had honestly forgotten about it. Now that it is up now, makes things much better all the way around. When you do a google search on Native American Art the first page up is ArtNatAm. This excites me!!!! Should get some good responses now.