Sunday, October 21, 2007

A sample of my work. This picture took me a little over a month to complete.

I have been doing Native American Art since my high school days. I am an enrolled tribal member of the Ponca Nation here in Oklahoma. I am a member of the Eagle and Buffalo Clans. I took Native American Art at Haskell University in Lawrence, Ks. I had the privilege of learning from the late Dr. Dick West.

When I first saw the Red Rock mountains by Las Vegas, I was moved to paint them because of the color, light and shadows the mountains produced. I am always in awe of the power of God, and his grace, especially when it comes to big thunderhead clouds, and the power they hold. So when I captured the clouds I was moved to add them to this picture. The Eagle is one of my ancestors!

Thank You, Red Earth Arts

Alright, this picture took me a few days to complete, since I only painted the little old lady. I was searching the web for an Old Indian face to paint, and stumbled onto the precious little old lady that was standing in the background in this crowd. When I saw her she reminded me of my Grandma, standing there with her Grand daughter at a Powwow.

If you have a favorite picture of one of your ancestors, and would like to have it painted, just send me an email and we can arrange it.
Thank you for looking..

One day I started in photoshop and was messing around with some brushes that I had recently downloaded, and stumbled onto a pretty neat start to a cool design that I made, using some very vivid colors. I made this design for T-shirts, black ones mainly.

I was entered into a photoshop contest, and developed this picture using filters mainly.

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