Sunday, February 22, 2009

Friday I began my diet..

I recently got an old VHS tape from my Mom, she had in her closet. The date was 1984 on it. I recorded it at my late Grandmothers birthday dance. At one point you could see my waist line, and I think I must have been wearing size 34 waist pants. My nephews and nieces watching with me couldn't believe that was me. Everyone laughed, kinda of a loud message to me! I even had a full head of hair!

So this past Friday I made my mind up, I want to lose some weight, and I think a realistic goal would be to lose 40 lbs. To be a size 34 again. I would be lean and mean.. lol I do know the older we get the harder it becomes to lose weight. I will first need to learn to be patient. Keep it simple, one day at a time approach I think will be best.

I want to look good this spring, and summer. For those of you that want to lose weight or are already on a diet. I wish you well, good luck, and hang in there.

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Eaglesbrother said...

Good luck on the weight loss can do it.

Love your Art and creativity.

aka Eaglesbrother