Monday, January 23, 2012

walking on the Red road!

We have our weekly sweat lodge, and use the lava stones on a regular basis. Through time, heat and carrying they eventually begin to break down. We were getting close to needing some more.

So we approached the Otoe Missouria tribe for assistance. They agreed to help us!

Once we set the date, the tribe also loaned us one of their trailers. My brother borrowed a 1 ton truck to pull the trailer with. In November we made the trip to Albuquerque, and brought back over 500 rocks.

We recently made a trip to one of the States minimum security lock downs where a sweat lodge is allowed and delivered some grandfathers for their lodge. Maybe this will help save someone once they gain their freedom back.

We then shared some grandfathers with the Omaha tribe of Nebraska. Our tribal chairman made the gift to them. They made the trek down to Oklahoma to haul some back. This will replenish their lodges until they can make the trip to Albuquerque to gather their own.

One can only imagine how many this will help. I know that their will be blessings coming for along time to come. For this I am very thankful, and happy to have been able to do this.

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