Friday, August 6, 2010

High time to post something..

It's been a few months again since my last post. Hope everyone is having a good summer thus far. It has been hot here in Okla. but fall is on the way. It is always good to get a cool front every now and then to cool things down some.

Powwows are happening everywhere right now. My baby sister is in Rocky Boy, Mt. right now at their doings. Her and one of our relatives ventured up that way. I hope she does well in the ladies buckskin division. Both are exceptional dancers. My sister won 1st at the Otoe encampment this year, and is now hoping to make a good showing up in Montana.

I finished another painting the other day. I painted a Ponca wearing a blanket in downtown Ponca City. The time frame is back in the late 40's early 50's. I Remember going downtown with my grandmother and seeing people still walking around with blankets on. Something you don't see now days. My plan is to do a series of these paintings, using different parts of downtown Ponca City. I have high hopes for this project.
Everyone have a good summer and fall, I will try to post as I go along. Thanks for reading.

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