Sunday, December 21, 2008

Eye of the Eagle

7 Clans Series painting of the Eagle Clan. My thoughts for this painting took me outside the box, for my relatives and friends of the Eagle Clan. I envisioned something completely different than what I actually put down on the mat. My Mother is of the Eagle clan. As a child I would dream sometimes of being able to fly. I would often wonder how the view would be for the Eagle from his point, being so close to Heaven. Enjoy!


Janine said...

That is breathtaking, Sid! I love it!

mitzs said...

WOW! You have the gift my friend and I am glad you share it with the rest of us. Your pictures have a way of speaking to ones soul.

Red Earth Native American Art said...

Not sure how or why my paintings turn out the way they do sometimes. I was pondering the thought of a view from over the back of a Golden Eagle with his wing span spread all the way across the painting, but then decided to do the reflection instead.
I am very happy you guys like it. Mitz not sure where you live, but Janine is coming to my Art gallery in April, maybe you can plan a trip here as well? Everyone meet in Okla..