Friday, December 5, 2008

Lifetime waiting for this moment..

When you find great emotion that drives you to want to paint, and keep on improving from where you began, and never looking back, then after awhile you all of a sudden find yourself in a place, that now people want to see what you have been doing. My friend Dave that prints my work for me, went to the local Art Center, and mentioned me to the Art Directors. Now they are wanting to meet with me this Sunday. I will take my portfolio in and see where this is going to lead me. This will give me an opportunity to ask them some questions as well. Like having my work appraised!

Hopefully this will lead to my own gallery show. If this happens, then I will be acting like a kid going to Disney Land. Not really knowing how to act! It's good to have friends and relatives. In case you can't tell, I am excited!!!

Edit: The meeting went very well today. The chairman of the galleries said he will present my paintings to the board for their approval. This will be decided on Monday. So I will know something by Tuesday.

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