Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Web site is up and running!

Alright bloggers, it is offical in case you haven't heard. My first website is up and in operation now. I can actually market all of my stuff I have been working on. If there is something you have been wanting, you can now have it. Go check it out,(http://redeartharts.com/) if you see something you think I can improve on then please leave me a message in the comments. I always appreciate comments left by you guys.

Still working toward having Marten with Native American Art web site finish up with my web page there as well. I need to get my wife to take my picture along with some of my prints for that site. If it is good enough I may put it on my web site as well.

Everything is a go with the Art center gallery showing in April. If you haven't made plans as of yet, then mark your calender for my very first gallery showing for the whole month of April at the Ponca City Art center. I will find out the dates on everything and will be posting it here. I know there will be a reception the first day. You will know when that will be.

Once all this excitement passes, I will be working once again on the 7 clans paintings. I still need to do the Beaver, Bear, Pigeon, and Buffalo. Hopefully have those paintings done by the gallery showing.

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Janine said...

Yea!! Finally, a website! It looks great! When things start rolling down this way, it'll be between "When the shadows are long" and "Red Rock Mountains"! Congratulations on the website, the gallery, all the great things that will happen this coming year!