Sunday, March 15, 2009

Merle Haggard and John Anderson put on a great show!

Wife and I had a chance to get out last night. First time in awhile since we had a chance to get out. We had gone to the Tulsa Blues fest. in the past, but I think they stopped it. Not too many musician/artists we will go see. When we heard that Merle Haggard was coming to town, we quickly looked into a couple of tickets to attend. We honestly had no idea what we was getting into, because that was a sold out crowd at the First Council Casino, North of Newkirk, Ok. at Chilocco. It actually sits right next to the Kansas state line. So about half the crowd was from Kansas.
John Anderson came out first, we didn't know he was on the ticket with Merle. He actually did a good show. All of his hit songs.
Merle Haggard didn't need to do nothing but be hisself, and his show was awesome. All of the old great ones. He still has it!
Maybe they will bring Willie Nelson to town now. I look forward to going back, depending on who is performing. Looks like they will have performers coming in all through the year.
The set up that First Council has is a humongous tent. I understand they hold boxing fights there as well as tough man fights.
First Council has a pretty good buffet for those of you that may be looking at eating then go to a show. Wife and I don't gamble, so the casino won't get any money from us in that respect, but we will go eat. Crab legs was on the menu last night, along with prime rib. Not to bad for a place out in the country.

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