Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Friday is Native American New Year!

Among the Otoe Missouria the Bear clan is in charge or Chief, during the fall and winter months. Before calenders the ancestors would go by a tree frog that would let them know spring time is here. When the newest grass shoots come up, and the temperature warms, New life is celebrated. This coming Friday we will have our Buffalo clan lodge. It is an opportunity for Buffalo clan members to cleanse themselves from the long winter. It is our time to take over as Chiefs or be in charge through the spring and summer months. Kinda like the changing of the guard. This has been planned for sometime now. We will have our elder of the Buffalo clan lead the sweat lodge for us. We have clan members coming from different places around the country. We even have visiting tribes that join in with the blessing. We will ask blessing for the spring, and summer for all the tribe. Mid July is the Otoe encampment(powwow). We will ask for a good year, that the creator will be merciful upon us. I want to wish everyone a good spring, as we draw closer to the Easter season. Thank you for reading.

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