Friday, September 16, 2011

Indian summer is beginning

Last winter we were beginning to think will summer ever get here, after a record setting winter. Coldest on record for Oklahoma. Then once summer rolled around it was a summer from hell. With the month of July being the hottest on record for any State in the US. Not a record we wanted to see. I think there were more days at or above 105 in a row than I ever recall. No wonder the city of Ponca city broke a water main. The whole city was without water. It is either feast or famine.

To see a cool down with rain is a welcome. Compared to many folks we have had our days, so this is nice for what were had gotten used to. You actually feel like doing something outside for a change.

This weekend is the Ponca City art centers outdoor show, which features local artists from around the State, as well as surrounding States. Next week will begin the annual Standing bear powwow that runs Sept. 23rd and 24th. We always look forward to going to look on and eat one of our friends Indian Tacos.

The end is drawing near with moving things into our studio. Finished the last set of shelves for my wife's crafts, and materials. Won't be long now before I will be making my own frames for my creations. Blessings, Sid

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