Friday, January 30, 2009

Gallery date is set! April 5th, 2009

Things are finally coming together in regards to the gallery. The chairman called me yesterday, and informed me of the dates and time of everything. I will move my paintings in the gallery on Sat. April 4th. The art center will set everything up for me. Then Sunday the 5th the reception will be held from 1pm to 5pm.

Something I haven't said before today is there will be another artist there at the same time. The center is bringing in a fabric artist, who will be on display at the same time.

Everything is good thus far, if I can only finish about 4 or 5 more works of art. I will see how it transpires.

Mark you calenders, and please come join me for my first Art gallery!


Medicinehorse7 said...

Hey Sid,

I hope all is well and that your aspirations come into fruition. I posted a comment on Native American Art, come on over and see what you think.

Medicinehorse7 said...

Check my link ethnography it is a wonderful little known source.