Saturday, January 10, 2009

Opened up a squidoo site.

I am wanting a site that can help generate more traffic in my web site, so my wife recommended I try squidoo. I don't think it will hurt. Anything to help get the word out there. Click Here!

Today we went to the Art gallery reception for 3 artists that are featured this month.
Gene Dougherty, a watercolor artist, Ron Kuykendall, a ceramic/sculpture artist, and Marcia Zuvanich a oil canvas artist. My old instructor from my college days Gene Dougherty still has the touch. His work is wonderful to look at. I think we will get a print from him before the gallery finishes. We have a few weeks to figure out which print we want.
Interesting to meet fellow artists. Marcia is a local artist, Kuykendall is from Wichita Falls, Tx. They all said they will come back to my gallery in April.

When my friend Dave gets back home from San Diego tomorrow, I will talk to him about making up some different print sizes for my web site. Some need to offer smaller sizes, and one needs to offer a larger size.

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