Thursday, January 22, 2009

35 years working for one Co.

Yesterday I hit 35 years working for the same company. When I hired in with them, I had no thoughts of working that long for one company. I thought I would retire before now. Not to be however. The economy kinda dictates to us how things will be. I can only continue to work a couple more years, and hopefully the economy will recover some to make it more attractive to want to retire. I do hope the Health care system gets a face lift too. Make things more affordable for everyone.

Well even without a whimper I hit this mark in my life, and just hope lord willing I will make it a couple more years health wise, and can retire.

I never understood why people who do retire, wind up going back to work. I guess their bucket they have their money in, must have a hole in it. I do know as long as I am healthy, and can continue to work, I will. By the time I finally do retire, I want it to be a retirement. At that time I will paint full time, or when I feel like it, and not because I have too. As how it should be!

Tomorrow {Friday} my company is taking my family, along with some fellow workers out for a large banquet on my behalf. I am thankful, that my Mother is home at this time to join us. Times like this I sure miss my Father.. just some thoughts and emotions..
Thanks for reading..


Janine said...

Congratulations, my friend! That's certainly a milestone not many hit, these days! Enjoy yourself! Your daddy will be there...

Marjorie said...

Hi Sid, The only reason I know this is the right Sid is because your mother called me a couple of days ago and told me about the special banquet your company held for you. But I am confused by the Armstrong bit. Fill me in.
Really nice art work. I shall go back and look some more.
With best wishes,
Marjorie Schweitzer

Sid Armstrong Native American Artist said...

It's good to hear from you Marjorie.. man haven't seen you guys in years and years.. Mom said she was going to give you my web page address. Post your email here or just email me at
and we can talk. Hope all is well with you guys, and this winter hasn't been too hard on you..

Thanks for the compliment, glad you like my work..