Friday, May 22, 2009

Watermarked all paintings online..

You know I don't bother much with posting on twitter about my website, or my blog posts. I figure if someone wants to know who I am, and what I do they can just check out my website which is attached to my bio in twitter.

I see people from all over the world coming in and checking out my works. It would be nice to get an occasional comment once in awhile. It makes you wonder if anyone ever reads what you post, or do they just want to come in and look at my pictures (works)?

I removed all the paintings I had and changed them all with a watermark. If this makes everyone upset, then so be it. I spend too much time painting everything, the emotions that come with this are from sometimes an answer to a prayer. I can't give that away. I refuse to allow anyone to come into my blog or website, and just hit the print screen button. In a matter of a couple of seconds my hard work is copied.

All of my work will be copyrighted, and added to the National copyright office of the United States. If you have any questions of copyright then you best look into it. If I should find any of my work hanging in someones house without a certificate of authenticity then you will be sued. This isn't a threat, it is merely a promise which I have full rights to persure.

Now if you frequent my blog and website to see what's new, then you won't be offended by the watermarks. You are always welcome, and please submit a comment once in awhile.



james.pyles said...

I'm not an artist, but I'm a friend of mitzs's and she RTed your tweet on twitter (yuk, that sounds redundant). I'm a writer and maintain two blogs and a variety of other creative endeavors, so I can understand your experiences.

It's tough to build a loyal and interactive following and probably most bloggers don't see huge success. You don't have to please everybody and occasionally p*ssing a few people off might actually work for you in the long run (you're not the only artist to feel ripped off on the web).

Just keep producing quality work. The rest will take care of itself.

Sid Armstrong Native American Artist said...

Thank you for sharing. I can appreciate a writer, writing about blogs! I am not in the blog business. If you had been following me, you would already know where I am with my artwork. I have been juried for a different website, that is very hard to get into.
I just had a gallery for a month here where I live, that was juried approved.
I'm going to be setting up for about a year at the Standing bear museum with my very own booth. If someone wants to read my stuff then they can come here. If they want to purchase my art then they can order it or come see it live.

The thing that gets to me is all the people that come here, and don't leave comments. I see all the traffic from all over the world on my dashboard. The other things that I am aware of is among Native American art, we are victimized with our art. Imitators, people that want what we have, but cannot give.
How do you give away a heritage, that takes a lifetime to learn? How can you give that, that is God given? You can NOT! So when someone just clicks the print screen it flat out gets to me! I have spent a lifetime of following, and learning.

I am now to the point where I can lead.
Yes, if it p*sses a few people off then they didn't come here to buy, they came to steal.
Hey Man thanks for you feedback. I honestly do appreciate, and like you said this maybe what my blog needed! Please come back anytime, and click the follow button on twitter too.. Thanks, Sid

sharron said...

Hey Sid, this is a very informative read.
Do you've an AIM or work flow of how you will go about copyrighting your work hat you'll like to share. What detail steps you'll take.

Sid Armstrong Native American Artist said...

Hi Sharron,
Thanks for you comment. I have burned a CD with all my paintings on them. The ones I have authenticity certificates for. The fee with the National Copyright office is only like $35.00. This is a one time pay for that particular block of paintings. Now later down the road when I have more. I will repeat the process. Burn a CD, mail in the form to the copyright office with another $35.00.

Thanks again.. hope this helps,