Saturday, May 9, 2009

Changes with the season happening now..

Getting up early everyday is a way of life my folks taught us. It is just something we all aspire to do. To get up and go to work. To provide for your family. To have a good feeling in your heart that you know you did a good days work. To sweat, and toil, for something that eventually will get you to a place where you can one day say, I have had enough! To work and save, to save and work. To do without so you can have something later.

We see it everyday where someone we may work with who hasn't had the chance to retire and enjoy the benefits of his/her retirement or pension. They pass without ever getting to enjoy it. This is one of the fears I have lived with for the past several years now. This coming Monday I will reach the age of 58. Still a youngster, but old enough to know I have officially had enough of the same ole same ole. 35 yrs 4 mos. of it is enough.

I got a call Friday from my money man who said if I am going to do it, then we need to be getting things done now. He said the interest rates are going up July 1st, which will lower my lump sum amount for retirement. I told him lets get together and talk about it then.

So I honestly don't know yet how things will be, or which direction I will go, but I do know one thing for sure, I am alive today, and hope to be come July 1st. I pray and hope that I will be able to enjoy sometime during retirement. After all I do have a new grand daughter we haven't seen yet and we are am dying to see.

She was born on Jan. 8th, of 09'. She is the oldest of my oldest, and I am the oldest of my generation as well. She is special to all of us. One thing for sure, she will be spoiled rotten once grandpa gets her.. lol

My Mother is recovering well today from her major back surgery, and sounds like she is getting back to her old self again. She got to walk to the corner and back which is about 1/2 a block. So her strength is coming back slowly. Her doctor told her she was looking good and everything was healing fine. I think she sleeps better these days.

Since I just had my first art gallery, I took a picture of the sign that the center has out front. I hope that sometime in the near future you can attend one of my shows. I plan to make more art shows, on a larger scale. I will see how things go for me in the future.

The Ponca tribe has asked me if I would be interested in preparing a booth in the Clyde Warrior memorial museum at White Eagle. I accepted and will wait for their call to let me know when I can begin. Should be interesting since they asked me if I would hang traditional regalia besides my art work. I will see about some bead work, and some feather work. The booth will run for about 6 months.

My other projects involve finishing a portrait of my late Aunt Jo Phoneix, Dad's younger sister who passed recently in Lakeside Calif. The Barona tribe built a new library and named it after her. The family asked me to do this portrait of her, so they can hang it in the library. I am probably about 1/2 way through it, and need one more photo of my Aunts broadcloth dress to finish it. My cousin said she will get me a jpg. of it.

I want to wish all the Mothers a happy Mothers day for the 10th. I will call my Mom in the AM. My wife will call her Mom in Germany as well. Our son is going to drive over from Bartlesville and prepare his Mom some German brauts, with potato salad. Sounds like a nice meal, and look forward to it.

One of our families life long friends passed this past week Hank Katzuta of Apache, Okla. He was 81. He and my Dad were Indian brothers, who played fast pitch softball together in their hayday. Uncle Hank was catcher, and a good one. They were good enough to go to the National fast pitch softball tournament 3 different times, and represent the State of Oklahoma. They were good! The pitchers they had were something to see.
I recall games they played where they would win with the score 1-0. Nothing but awesome pitching. Uncle Hank will be missed. He is with all his brothers now, and is in a much better place. We don't have to worry anymore about him. God speed.

Lots of changes going on right now, and hopefully everything will turn out fine when it is all said and done. I will attend another opening tomorrow with a Native American artist from Fairview, Okla. Linda Rous, who is a wonderful artist. I had the chance to meet her the other day and she hinted to me about doing a gallery out at Fairview. I will visit some more with her tomorrow about it.

Everyone have a safe week. I will post more as things happen. Thanks for reading.

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